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Board Members



David Henion, President

Thaddeus Dabrowsky, Treasurer

Walter Burnham, Executive Director

Arlyn Diamond

Annaliese Bischoff

Mitchell Mulholland

Christine Nelson

Steven Stroud

Deep Chinappa

Hannah Hartl

Gene Stamell

Lori Lynn Hoffer

David Henion

The joy of creation is a part of the human experience. It has been said that the sky's the limit. The ability to imagine pushes you on. Ceramics give one the chance to turn mud into stone. Work made goes out into the world beyond our control. It can last long past our mortal days, or be broken in an instant. It is human in that a part of its beauty lies in its fragility. In the twenty years or so of making ceramic art I have always looked to the Chinese for my inspiration. Civilization arose in different places, and periods in the last three thousand years. A ceramic tradition is always a part of the package. My work pays homage to the work of the Chinese people. I work with porcelain and find joy in its ability to place form and color on display.

Thaddeus Dabrowski


Thad has served Leverett Crafts & Arts since 1990. He served on the Board of Directors, chaired the building committee served as Vice president, now as Treasurer.


Thaddeus Dabrowski taught at UMass in the Visual Arts Department as an adjunct lecturer for 25 years. He holds degrees in Fine Arts, (MFA), Education, (M.Ed.) and Administration, (BBA). He retired as Manager of the UMass. Amherst, Textbook Store completing a ten year association with educational print materials. Since 2001 he consults regarding Visual Art Teacher Testing. He writes test prompts, audits test instruments, for compliance with framework objectives, reviews test design, and sits on scoring boards for MA State Educator Licensure Visual Arts. He is also as member of the National Art Educators Association and the NEA/MTA. 


He has a 45 year art exhibition record. He was a student of art notables Byron Burford, Chuck Close, John Grillo, and Louis Sylvia. He has profiles listed in the current editions of Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in America  and Who’s Who in Education as published by A. N. Marquis.

He also has associations with the Hampshire County United Way, UMass Chancellor's United Way, State of Massachusetts Employees Charity Campaign, the “Leader’s Circle” for UMass Charities Campaign cabinet, Rotary International, and has served on the Amherst Public Arts Commission. 

Mitchell Mulholland


Mitch is a Research Professor Emeritus in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with a specialization in Native American Archaeology. He has a BA in Anthropology from Connecticut College (1972), and an MA and Ph.D. in Anthropology from UMass, Amherst (1984).  He served for 27 years as Director of Archaeological Services at UMass before retiring in 2011.


On the Board at LCA Mitch writes permit applications and proposals for grants to improve our aging historic building and to assist in its operations. He has served as Local Project Coordinator for a combined Leverett Community Preservation Act Fund and Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund grant (Massachusetts Historical Commission) for a historic structure conditions assessment of the structure and historic preservation plan; replacement of the rear roof of the building; replacement windows; interior flooring; replacement of exterior rain gutters and heating units; and pandemic financial assistance.


Mitch is also Chair with of the Leverett Cultural Council, VP of aquatic weed management for Friends of Leverett Pond; President of Echo Lake Association and is on the steering committees (with Walt Burnham and Gene Stamell) of the Montague Common Hall Open Mic Series and LCA Open Mic series.


Mitch lives in Leverett where he enjoys the crafts and art at LCA with his wife, studio artist Susan Mulholland, and the wildlife and vistas of Leverett Pond. In his spare time he is an avid photographer, a budding watercolor artist, and plays blues and acoustic guitar.

Mitch & Walt jamming together in the LCA classroom.

Photograph by Sandra Haynes

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